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Protecting Your Home against
Lock Bumping

One of the latest trends that criminals use is opening locked doors
is lock bumping. This is also known as the 999 method. Today, a lot
of homeowners worry about this lock picking method since their
house might be vulnerable. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you need
to be cautious of what lock bumping is.

The 999 method isn’t a new technique. In fact, lock bumping was used by locksmiths before it became dominant within burglars. Luckily, there are some ways you can do to protect your home against lock bumping.

Make Your Property Visible

As a home owner, you have to keep the home’s landscaping as visible as you possible. The reason for this is that criminals search for bushes that cover the home so they could hide behind it while they are trying to open the door.

You can easily deter these burglars if your place has good lighting and huge open spaces. Another thing that you could do is to add motion sensors to your home.

Have a Neighborhood Watch Website

You and your neighbors should be alert with the surroundings. You can talk with your neighbors and make a useful neighborhood watch website. 

A neighborhood watch website is becoming a rising trend throughout the United States. It would allow your neighbors to know whenever you are away. Thus, you could track your surroundings. 

Protecting Your Home against Lock Bumping

Install CCTVs

If you do not hire a professional forensic locksmith, it can be difficult to prove to insurance companies that a claim is real. This is because lock bumping does not leave any visible sign of damage. 

Because of that, you need install cameras by your main doors. This will act as a security measure. If you’re able to offer a video of the intrusion, you can submit this proof to the insurance company to prove that you’re actually a victim of lock bumping.

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Install Anti-Lock Bumping Systems

Auto Locksmith - Duplicate Services

Installing an anti-lock bumping system is your other option. You should not worry if you’ve got a tight budget. On the market, there are several very cheap anti-lock devices today, including a thumb turn guard developed to stop the thumb turn component of a deadbolt from turning. 

It might not be the most ideal choice for an exterior door. The reason for this is that it also stops the key of the lock from unlocking the door. But, you could get a lightweight commercial grade lock for a few dollars more. You can use these devices for entry doors.

Purchase Security Pins

You can either call a professional locksmith or take your locks to their shop for them to buy unique pins and have them install. This will make the lock harder to bump. In addition to that, they are known as security pins. They are designed to connect before they reach the shear line of the lock.

 Your lock will not be fully bump proof. However, the principle is that a criminal wants a fast exit and entry to a house. Thus, it might deter them if your lock is taking longer to bump. 

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