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William Locksmith of Providence is proudly the trusted Locksmith
Providence RI provider for locksmith and security needs for
Providence and the surrounding areas. Our excellent services are
backed by both our vast knowledge, years of experience, and
genuine consideration for our clients. We are dedicated to offering
quality locksmith services for both residential and
commercial customers.

We at William Locksmith of Providence are a completely licensed, bonded, and insured company to protect you as we carry out the job needed to guarantee your safety and/or security. Call now for top quality Locksmith
Providence RI

Our Services

Residential Service
Residential Locksmith

William Locksmith of Providence is here to offer a fast and reliable solutions for residential clients. It is our top priority to provide our valued clients with fast services, at a reliable price. We will be there for you anytime you need a locksmith, offering fast response – day or night!

Auto Service

Auto Locksmith

we will provide you the perfect solution that will meet your requirements and expectations. Also, we are very proud to say that our services are not only quick but reliable and low in price as well. In our hands, you can have the best lock and key service at a price your budget can afford. You will not regret choosing us.

Commercial Service
Commercial Locksmith

At William Locksmith of Providence , our experts and experienced technicians arrive at your location prepared – with all the required tools needed to repair all of your commercial locksmith issues.

Certified Professional Providence Locksmiths

William Locksmith of Providence is insured and licensed. Our technicians are extensively trained to offer you the best locksmith service in Charleston, South Carolina. We ensure that you’ll be satisfied with our job.

In addition to that, we have been in the locksmith industry for a lot of years. Our technicians are certified professionals in the field. Working in a fast-paced area enabled us to enhance our locksmith services and methods over and over to establish the best service that works for all clients.


Affordable Locksmith Providence RI

Our services are affordable, safe, and effective. Unlike other locksmith service companies out there, we won’t break the bank. We provide top quality locksmith services at reasonable rates.

Each of our services is done by a certified technician whose experience with security and locking solutions is lent to all projects and client’s needs. From lost or stolen keys to faulty locks and home/car lockouts, William Locksmith of Providence  effectively helps our clients with a plethora of needs. We are happy to serve our clients with 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

We provide affordable pricing on all our locksmith Providence RI services. Contact us today to request a free locksmith estimate in your area. We’ve got locksmith professionals standing by to serve you.

William Locksmith of Providence was outstanding. Their locksmiths showed up on time, put in the top of the line tools. The lock works exquisitely. They were very kind and worked meticulously to get the job done in an extremely timely manner. Excellent service and the prices are very affordable. I will hire them again!
Excellent service! Super fast response time and picked up on the first ring. They have an extremely courteous and helpful staff. I was locked out of my house. Their technicians arrive at my location faster than I expected. I have recommended this locksmith to several friends and they've had the same great service I received.
Excellent company and affordably priced. They are extremely professional, friendly, and reliable. I would highly recommend this company for all your locksmith needs. If I could give them 10 stars I would. I will continue to do business with them in the future.

Whether the key broke off in the lock or you locked your keys in the car, car locksmiths come equipped with unique tools to help them quickly get into your car and without damaging it. They have a range of tools that are not available to the standard consumer. Oftentimes, a car locksmith can utilize a transponder programming tool to open your car if your car has a keyless entry system. It won’t require physical lock popping. This can also be used for those who’ve got a keyless ignition.

This varies on the kind of lock you have. However, a good number of locks can be rekeyed. You can have every single lock of your home rekeyed. This technique will improve security.

A double-sided deadbolt is a deadbolt that has two cylinders, one on each side. A standard deadbolt will only have one deadbolt cylinder on the exterior side of the door. However, most locksmiths do not recommend using double-sided deadbolts. This is particularly true for houses with small kids or a lot of visitors. The risk here is that during an emergency, homeowners will be panicked, hurried and might not be able to operate or look for the key. For instance, during a fire, perhaps they know where the key is, but the fire has blocked access to it.

If you want to improve your overall sense of security, rekeying your locks can help. The reason for this is that it’s a simple method of resetting your key control and invalidating all other keys that could have operated your lock. This is a very popular practice among new property owners as soon as they move in. Almost every single person rekeys their locks so that they can prevent past homeowners or anyone who may have a copy of the key, from simply walking into a property that is no longer theirs. It effectively seals up any loose ends that might be apparent in their security, and it gives them a fresh start of sorts.

However, before you sign the lease or rental agreement, you have to ask your landlord/property manager about it and you should know their answer.

Nowadays, old-style keyed door locks are still among the most popular element of residential and commercial security. These locks are cheap, simple to install and effective. However, a lot of residential and commercial owners find keys to be a bother.

If you want to have one key work everything, then you should consider a master key system. This form of a key management system isn’t new. Master key systems have been around for a long period of time. They allow property owners to lower the number of keys required to effectively manage a property. To make things simple, a master key system enables one key to open several various locks. At the same time, more than one key can open the same lock.

You can also consider Smart Locks. They are developed for light commercial applications or residential use. You do not have to manage several keys, worry about copies being lost or stolen, or create duplicates. In addition to that, it even allows you to not bring any keys at all.

For homeowners, Smart locks provide a lot of benefits. They are remotely managed and controlled from a smartphone through an integrated application and enable users to grant modified access to visitors. Smart locks can even send a notification whenever someone has accessed your property. This is a useful feature if guests, contractors, delivery service, friends or family members need to stop by during the day.

An expert locksmith is going to have all the needed experience and training to work with your lock. In addition to that, they’ve got all the right tools to complete the job quickly and with minimal risk of damage. Several locksmiths also have specialties, particularly for trickier locks. 

Furthermore, a professional locksmith company is much less likely to cause any damage to your property. However, if anything goes wrong, a professional locksmith is going to be insured. This means that you will not have to worry about paying out to fix the damage. Their insurance is going to cover it. 

A professional locksmith company also offers reliable and affordable services. They are not the ones who charge the most. They know what they are doing and are able to offer you an excellent price that’s accurate. 

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William Locksmith of Providence  Rhode Island has been proud to offer its clients reliable and expert locksmith services to help them with all of their security needs. With our variety of quality automotive, residential, commercial and emergency services, our trained team of dedicated and skilled technicians has provided help and assistance to our clients and has helped a lot of customers secure the safety of their properties and possessions.

We at William Locksmith of Providence  have offered emergency locksmith services & advanced security solutions for a lot of years. We service Providence and the surrounding areas. We provide a complete variety of locksmith services. If you want to know more information, you can contact us!

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