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How Locksmith Open Door

The best solution, if you are locked out of your home, is to contact a
professional locksmith. If you want to attempt to break the lock or
smash the window just to get in, you might end up hurting yourself
or damage your property. This will be a much more expensive repair.

Though there are locking mechanisms that are extremely difficult to unlock, these locks are not really impenetrable. Of course, a professional technician with all the required training, experience, and tools can easily open any type of lock. 

An expert locksmith has the skills and equipment required to unlock every single lock. 

Here are some common ways of how a locksmith can open a door:

Using a Drill

The Drilling method is a destructive process compared to the other methods we are going to mention next. Thus, if all the other unlocking methods didn’t work, a locksmith will only utilize this. 

If a locksmith uses drilling, the mechanism of the lock will break. Therefore, you will have to purchase a new one and have it installed. That is why drilling a lock should be the last resort. A locksmith should only utilize this process whenever there is no other method available to unlock a door. There are several things that a locksmith has to consider before they drill a lock. 

If a technician will recommend lock drilling right away even though they haven’t tried any other methods yet, it is best to look for another locksmith. They might be only selling you a new lock for a much higher price.

Lock Bumping

999 keys, also known as bump keys, are special tools designed to help locksmiths. They can be used to gain access to locked houses. This is a process where a locksmith uses a bump key to align the pins of an ordinary cylinder lock. It is a locksmith process used to unlock a door. Usually, locksmiths utilize this when a homeowner is locked out of his or her house.

How Locksmith Open Door

The process of lock bumping includes a locksmith inserting a bump key into a lock. After that, he will then utilize a screwdriver or mallet to gently “bump” the key. As the locksmith bumps the bump key, the pins inside the lock will align. Lastly, the locksmith can open the door with simply a minor twist of the key.

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Lock Picking

Auto Locksmith - Duplicate Services

For those who don’t know, lock picking is the tweaking of the interior components of a lock to unlock it. A rake and a tension wrench are the only tools required for this process. Lock picking would work on almost every house doors with security pins. Typically, lock picking tools aren’t available in a lot of shops.

To completely understand lock picking, you first have to understand how keys and locks work. Locks come in a lot of various sizes and shapes. A lot of these locks have innovative design variations. However, almost every lock is based on quite the same principles. 

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