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Do I Need A High-Security Door Lock?

If you have found this article, you might have heard about
high-security locks. Today, they are rapidly gaining popularity in
the lock and security industry. When it comes to protecting your
residential and office doors from burglars, high-security locks are
the most common choice. Furthermore, this kind of lock is useful
for huge commercial properties and even for a tiny house.

If you want to further improve the security of your house or your office, here are several things you can consider about high-security door locks.

Complex System

All locks can be picked. But, picking a high-security door locks require a lot of time and effort. If you’ve got a high-security lock, fewer individuals will even try to open it since they know how hard and complicated it will be. 

High-security door locks feature complex mechanisms. That is the reason why a lot of burglars are having a hard time trying to bypass a high-security lock. If the lock has a more complex internal mechanism, you will have less chance of being a victim of a burglar. This means that the burglar will have a hard time opening it through lock picking, copying the lock, or bumping the lock. 

Metal Component

The locks durability is greatly affected by the amount of metal used in manufacturing it. This means that the more metal used in the creation of a lock, the more durable it will be. If a lock has tiny amount of metal, it will have a lot of empty spaces inside. This will leave the door susceptible around the lock hardware. 

You can sometimes tell the metal content of a lock by simply holding it. Typically, a lock that contains a lot of metal will be much heavier compared to an ordinary lock. High-security door locks have heavy and strong metal. 

Do I Need A High-Security Door Lock

Strength of the Bolt

The goal of a bolt is to withstand a particular amount of pressure before giving up. High-security door locks usually have durable steel bolts that can endure beating attacks used against the door. This includes shoulder strikes, sledge hammers, battering rams, kicks, and much more. An ordinary lock will easily fail with these attacks. Furthermore, high-security door locks with strong bolts will be resistant to cuts. Burglars won’t be able to utilize a reciprocating saw or hacksaw to break the bolt and open your door.

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Drill Resistant

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For those who don’t know, a burglar can easily open a lock with the use of a drill. They typically use the drill method since it is quick and works on almost every lock. However, a burglar who finds high-security door locks with anti-drill features will easily get discouraged since the method will not work anymore. 

Key Management

As a property owner, you don’t want any unauthorized individual with limited access to your property to be able to create a copy of the key without any authorization. Investing in high-security door locks that have patented keyways is the best you could do. In order for you to no lose control of your keys, you’ll still have to know how to hide your spare keys properly. 

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